About Us

HitGrab Inc, incorporated in Oct of 2006 has a solid track record building games on social platforms and more recently mobile platforms. In December 2008, HitGrab was selected by Facebook out of thousands of social application companies, and awarded a Facebook Grant (1 of 5). Within the first year, HitGrab became the profitable, self funded and award winning social gaming company that it is today.

MouseHunt, released in Beta March of 2008 has to date had more than 3 million installs. We continue to see great success with this IP and MH was once again selected by Facebook as one of the Top Recommended Games on Facebook in 2011.

We are now expanding MouseHunt to mobile and we expect to see a whole new audience embrace this amazing game due to its inherit passive, mobile-friendly gameplay. HitGrab launched its first mobile title in April 2012 on the iOS platform and we’ve experienced incredible growth on the platform.

What is Next?

Our goal is to be a very successful boutique gaming company that has strong IP in both social and mobile platforms



HitGrab is not your average gaming company. We’re actually… a little weird. For one, we care deeply about our players. We’ve had players get married in our games. Our players tattoo our game characters on their bodies… with ink. I know… cool huh? We have a real bond with our players. They love us. We love them. We’re an award-winning gaming company with several hit titles and we’re looking for other like-minded folks to help us make more.

Career Perks:

  • Great Location – Heart of downtown Toronto near Yonge and  Adelaide.
  • Passionate Employees – Everyone at HitGrab loves what they  do.
  • A Long Track Record – We’ve been doing this since October of  2006.
  • Arcade – An active Street Fighter ladder. Right now, Giorgio’s in  the lead.
  • Arcade – More arcade games than you can play.
  • Arcade – We really like our arcade.

Available Positions

There are currently no available positions.

HitGrab Inc.

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