About Us

HitGrab Inc. was launched in October of 2006 by two friends with a passion to build something great and the skills to make it a reality. One the analytical, brainbox, gaming entrepreneur the other a creative maverick with an eye for opportunity and mad networking abilities. Within it’s first two years HitGrab was selected by Facebook out of thousands of social application companies, and awarded 1 of 5 exclusive Facebook Grants. Since those early bootstrap days we have grown considerably, into a well established, highly successful, award winning, electronic entertainment company with fan favourite titles enjoyed on Facebook, Apple IOS and Android. 



MouseHunt, released in Beta March of 2008 and has to date had more than 5 million installs, we continue to see great success with this title and have a high percentage of users who play this game for many years. MouseHunt was once again selected by Facebook as one of the Top Recommended Games on Facebook in 2011.

True to our quest to always innovate and continuously improve we launched our first mobile title in April 2012 on the Apple iOS platform and shortly after on Android as well. We have recently released our seminal title, MouseHunt, onto the mobile gaming arena with entirely new gameplay dynamics melded with the fun concepts and storyline elements of the original web version.

The Future!

The future is what you make it, and we want it to be full of HitGrab fun! Our goal is to be the leading mobile and social electronic entertainment company in Canada through the rigorous pursuit of continuous improvement, creative innovation and rock solid game mechanics.



HitGrab is not your average gaming company. Firstly we care deeply about our players, we are obsessed with continuously ensuring our users have fantastic game experiences with our titles. It’s why our players become fans and do fun things like: get married in a game, tattoo game characters and artwork on themselves, share game experiences with a global community, and gather for big annual parties.

If you are the kind of person who loves working with others in humble collaboration whilst rigorously pursing best practice, if you have an absolute passion for your work and love getting constructive input, if you prefer honesty over bland platitudes, and have a crazy and zany sense of humour, then you might just be who we are looking for.
Drop us an email, share an idea, give us some feedback, challenge us on something we could do better, we would love to hear from you. 

Career Perks:

  • Easy Location – Heart of downtown Toronto near Yonge and Adelaide.
  • Fun Team - We love what we do and we have a lot of fun doing it.
  • A Long Track Record – We’ve been successfully doing this since October of  2006.
  • Great Leadership and Staff – The chance to work with some amazing people.
  • Great Products – Life is too short to be making junk, so we don’t. 
  • Arcade – We really like our arcade and work environment.

Available Positions

HitGrab Inc.

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Toronto, ON, Canada
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Toll-Free: +1-855-547-8777
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