Work @ HitGrab
HitGrab is not your average gaming company. We're actually… a little weird. For one, we care deeply about our players. We've had players get married in our games. Our players tattoo our game characters on their bodies… with ink. I know… cool huh? We have a real bond with our players. They love us. We love them. We're an award-winning gaming company with several hit titles and we're looking for other like-minded folks to help us make more.

Here's what we do have:
  • Benefits - We offer great benefits if you decide to stay past month 3.
  • Great Location - Heart of downtown Toronto near Yonge and Adelaide.
  • Passionate Employees - Everyone at HitGrab loves what they do.
  • A Long Track Record - We've been doing this since October of 2006.
  • Arcade - An active Street Fighter ladder. Right now, Giorgio's in the lead.
  • Arcade - More arcade games than you can play.
  • Arcade - We really like our arcade.

Here's what we don't have:
  • A Chef - The restaurant business is hard - but we've got a bunch of good ones around.
  • Massages - Some of our employees might offer. Say no.
  • Gyms - We're actually all pretty geeky. We're better with our shirts on… believe us.