Brave Hero Series

About Brave Hero

Deep in the jungles of Mexico lies an abandoned Aztec temple in the secret city of Tollan. The Tollan Temple holds the Hummingbird Diamond, said to cause all trees and plants to blossom regardless of rain and to bring forth plentiful food in even the driest of deserts. When Europeans came across the ocean and claimed the home of the Aztecs as their own, the Hummingbird Diamond was placed in the protection of the temple lest it be stolen or misused. While the Tollan Temple was originally in an arid and barren desert, the Hummingbird Diamond caused jungle to burst forth from the ground and surround the location, keeping it hidden ever since. 

You, Idaho Jones, explorer and adventurer extraordinaire, have spent years studying ancient Aztec mythologies, translating the archaic glyphs, and researching the people and culture. You have journeyed through the jungles of Mexico and overcame great obstacles, risking life and limb, to find to city of Tollan. It is only now that you have finally reached the steps of the great Aztec Temple, but the danger has just begun! 

Using your wit and quick reflexes, dash through the twisting vines and ruined stones of the Aztec Temple of Tollan. Avoid booby traps, mystical weapons, dangerous spears, flaming blasts, and more! Collect abandoned treasures and use them to purchase cutting edge technology, hand crafted for explorers like you, to gain an extra edge. A great museum back home is eager to study the beautiful magic of the Hummingbird Diamond, but you must survive to Aztec Temple of Tollan first!