Gummy Blast

Delight yourself with our sparkling Gummy Blast kingdom, filled with gorgeous graphics, easy to use gameplay, funny twists and exciting power up bombs. Can you crack the puzzles and beat the levels to be a Gummy Blast Pro?


  • “Best game I have played in a while!”
  • “Absolutely in love with this game!”
  • “Heaps more fun and challenging than other puzzle games I’ve played!”


  • Better than other puzzle games, you can slide whole rows and columns to easily make matches.
  • Build your own unique power up bombs to help you along the way when matching more than 4 gummies.
  • Discover all bombs including the rare Unicorn and Dragon bombs.
  • Blastastic combos that will give you an edge to finish difficult levels.
  • Social leaderboards to compete with your friends 
  • Send and receive lives between you and your friends

Get going and get Gummy Blasting!